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sábado, 18 de noviembre de 2017

Oh,no!!! My battery is flat!!

Nowadays, we are surrounded by technology, this technology must be fed with electricity so scientists must invent batteries to store the electricity. Now, let's talk about usual problems that we have with batteries.

The small technological devices usually have a small battery, this is the case of mobile phones which have batteries with rectangular shape which can last hours or even days. A normal battery usually lasts between one and two days. This is the main reason why people look at the quality of the battery when they go to buy a mobile phone. It depends on the amount of amperes it has. Another problem I want to talk about is the following: how to know if a battery is broken. If your mobile phone's battery doesn't last much time it can be because the battery is broken. To check this, you must remove the battery from the mobile and see if the battery is flat or swelled on its sides. If the battery has its faces swelled, the battery will is broken.

The last thing I'm going to talk about is: Can the electricity from the humans bodies replace batteries? We generate a small electricity in our body because of the nerve impulses. However, this electricity we generate is not enough to a machine or to a small electronic system because these things need more energy.

To sum up, batteries are a general problem we have. However scientists are developing new batteries with silicon that last more and pollute less.

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