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domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2015

My village-50 years ago and now by Alex (Writing Unit2)

               I live in a small village in the south of Granada, called Ítrabo. I really like myvillage because it has improved a lot in the last 50 years, and in my opinion  it's better now. My parents and my uncles have told me some things of the past of the village to do this writing exercise.

               Ítrabo was much smaller and all of the buildings were built with stones and cement. Its population is roughly the same as 50 years ago. There are 1,000 inhabitants approximately. In Ítrabo, there didn't use to be many shops, there was only a small shop, now there are more, actually, there are just two. However, many people go shopping in big shopping centres outside the village to save some money. What stingy people!

               Transport is very different too. Fifty years ago, there used to be many dirt roads, but they aren't there now, most of them are  built with cement now and others have already disappeared. People used to use donkeys, mules,etc... to move and specially to transpot things, for that reason, most of the population got this type of animals. Now, most people have got a car or a motorcycle because they are both so fast. However, we can also move by plane, bus, train, taxi, ship....

               My grandparents lived in the village 50 years ago. They say that there was much to do them. There was  an enormous cinema on the outskirst of the village and my grandparents used to go there everyday. they also say that there was a cementery where there's the school now. What an strange thing!

               In conclusion, life was quieter  then, but in my opinion  it's better now because life is