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miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2015

Who was Mo Malone?

Also known as Big Mo, Moses Malone has died of a heart attack, but who was he?
Here are some articles to read about this NBA basketball player:
Rest in peace Big Mo  (Daily Mail)
Sudden death of Moses Malone... (New York Daily News)
Moses Malone (Wikipedia)
However, a happy moment to end; the 70th birthday of 'Slowhand'. Who is it?

domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2015

My village-50 years ago and now by Alex (Writing Unit2)

               I live in a small village in the south of Granada, called Ítrabo. I really like myvillage because it has improved a lot in the last 50 years, and in my opinion  it's better now. My parents and my uncles have told me some things of the past of the village to do this writing exercise.

               Ítrabo was much smaller and all of the buildings were built with stones and cement. Its population is roughly the same as 50 years ago. There are 1,000 inhabitants approximately. In Ítrabo, there didn't use to be many shops, there was only a small shop, now there are more, actually, there are just two. However, many people go shopping in big shopping centres outside the village to save some money. What stingy people!

               Transport is very different too. Fifty years ago, there used to be many dirt roads, but they aren't there now, most of them are  built with cement now and others have already disappeared. People used to use donkeys, mules,etc... to move and specially to transpot things, for that reason, most of the population got this type of animals. Now, most people have got a car or a motorcycle because they are both so fast. However, we can also move by plane, bus, train, taxi, ship....

               My grandparents lived in the village 50 years ago. They say that there was much to do them. There was  an enormous cinema on the outskirst of the village and my grandparents used to go there everyday. they also say that there was a cementery where there's the school now. What an strange thing!

               In conclusion, life was quieter  then, but in my opinion  it's better now because life is

jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

This is me by Alex (writing Unit 1)

          What can I say about my image?I think I'm particularly trendy. I usually wear  fashionable trainers, short jeans, fashionable T-shirts and jackets. In fact, I sometimes wear very trendy clothes on special occasions, like New Year, New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve, thanks to my mother because there are times that I don't know what to wear and she gives me some advice. I never wear sunglasses because they don't suit me, but I sometimes wear bracelets.
          There are three things I like. I really like getting up at the weekend and making my breakfast with a glass of milk, two pieces of toast and a banana. I also love waking up on Saturday and knowing that I still don't have to do homework, because I can do it tomorrow. It´s  a great feeling, although I don't mind doing them. In fact, I want to do a university degree in science. The third thing I love is football! If it's sunny, I go out with a big group of friends to play football in the sports center. Last year, we were in Motril and Salobreña to compete in a league. 

          There are  three things I hate. I don't like mean people who never lend anything to other people, because I think they look antisocial people. The second thing I hate is the people who protest about their marks and it's like this. The third  thing I hate is reality shows on television, although my parents and my brother, always watch them, and they hardly ever let me watch programmes that I like because if I watch a sports programme, they put the reality show that they like!


domingo, 4 de octubre de 2015

Writing exercise(Introduction unit)

García and me              

To begin with, I'm going to describe me and my friend García. We have been friends since 2008, we went to the same Primary School and both of us go to the same Secondary School now.

Our personalities are different. My friend García is very active, shy, intelligent and funny. I'm a quiet, active, intelligent and honest person. García is always laughing because I'm always making him laugh. He's always talking, I'm not, because it can be annoying. García is tall, he has got black eyes and he is slim, and so am I slim, I've got brown hair and I'm a dark-skinned person. We are both strong because we both practise karate.

We've got similar interests. We both like music, football, cars, motorcycles and girls. García plays the tuba in his band and I play the saxophone at the Music School of Motril and the trumpet in my band.

Finally, I'm going to say things that we've got in commmon. We are both good at sports and studies, but neither of us is good at basketball and we both study the same subjects in the school.

Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez  4ESO.B 


domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2015

SEPTEMBER is here!!!


Here comes September, a month where we probably have the best days of the summer, but also the month when we say goodbye to friends we have made during the summer time. Happy times, sad times. 

Holidays don't mean anything if we don't have routines. In July, holidays represented a break in our routines, but now also back to routines is also a break in our  holidays. However, before going on let's listen to this song ("SEPTEMBER") by Earth, Wind & Fire:


So what memories of this summer come to your mind? A summer love, an unforgettable barbecue at the beach, dancing in a disco, a party...?

And what are your expectations for the school year which is about to start? Tell me any changes that happen during this month. In a few days' time you'll be meeting your schoolfriends!!!

Are summer holidays too long? ARTICLE TO READ: Schools to end long summer holiday  

La Vuelta '15 in the Alpujarras (stage 7)

Have you watched stage 7 of the cycling tour of Spain (La Vuelta)? Incredible images, gorgeous landscape!!!!

By the way, do you know the difference among all these words connected with travelling: TRAVEL, TOUR, TRIP, JOURNEY, VOYAGE, EXCURSION? Can you tell me any other words connected with travelling? Click on this link to my site (VOCABULARY), section dedicated to the preparation for the B2, and have a ook at item 16 where some of these differences are analysed.


Lindeman's boldness rewarded as Froome falters

Chris Froome loses ground on seventh stage of Vuelta a España  (The Guardian) 

Video to watch: Summary of stage 7 Jódar > Las Alpujarras  

Even if they said the stage finished in Altos de Capileira, the finish line was actually in the municipality of Bubión.


Another video to watch

Also wonderful area for trekking (as you can see in this blog in the section: TREKKING IN LAS ALPUJARRAS - SIERRA NEVADA

Neither trekking nor just climbing... it is actually running in the Alps!!!!

Read and watch how a Swiss runner has established this incredible record:

New Alps Mountain Running Record

Swiss mountain-runner Andreas Steindl breaks his own record  (The Guardian)

It is time to revise the EXCLAMATIVE SENTENCES: LINK 


miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2015

Le Tour de France est fini...mais Paris est toujours là!!!


Even if the Tour de France is finished, we still have the city of Paris to visit. Why??? To begin with, at this time of the year (end of July and August) the weather is most suitable to go sightseeing (cool temperatures), fewer people and loads of things to do and monuments and museums to visit.

However, remember that Chris Froome has just won his second Tour de France!!!!

Chris Froome joins legends of Tour de France with second win               (The Guardian)


  Have you ever visited this wonderful city? Tell me about any other good places to visit during your summer holidays and that you've been to.


Solos or duets?

Which one do you prefer - solos or duets? Obviously, I like both, but here's one of my favourite duets:

Let's make a hit parade of your favourite duets, so send them to me.

By the way, do you know why gibbons sing duets? (Listening exercise from the BBC Learning English) + Articles to read about the issue:  1   2

Our hit parade  >>>>

Another listening exercise: Secrets of the rainforest   

viernes, 31 de julio de 2015

A bloody matter

To begin with, what does 'bloody' mean? Can you tell me its different meanings?

Listening exercise to do: The wonder of blood (6 minute English)

Articles to read: The importance of blood in human health  

Top 10 tips for a healthy heart (The Guardian)

Too skinny for the catwalk!!!!

During the summer time we tend to worry a bit too much about our happy bellies, especially men. Here are some articles about eating healthily, or just eating:
- Politicians eating 
- BBC:

Body image: Men 'most unhappy about beer bellies'

Article from the BBC to read:

French MPs back ban on

skinny catwalk models

Another article from the Daily Mail: Are size zero models too thin for the catwalk?

Listening exercise to do: Are models too skinny? (Can you find and give me synonyms for the word 'skinny'? , would you say this to your girlfriend/boyfriend? Is it a compliment or rather an insult?)
An expression to learn: The penny dropped

lunes, 13 de julio de 2015

Bizarre honeymoon & the Freedom Tower

Learn vocabulary about relationships in this funny article to read: An unusual honeymoon 

Here's an article about the Freedom Tower in New York. Do you remember anything about the Twin Peaks and what happened to them?


And now that we are probably going to the Republic of Ireland, have a look at this article about a most relevant matter for Irish people: Symbol of peace 


 Write comments about any of the three proposed issues and send me any related articles you may find.

lunes, 6 de julio de 2015

Baku (Azerbaijan): First European Games

Do you know anything about Baku? And what about Azerbaijan?

Read about the city of Baku and then watch this documentary:


 Here are 10 reasons to visit Azerbaijan. and then watch this video about the country.

Well, this is is going to be the venue for the FIRST EUROPEAN GAMES.

sábado, 20 de junio de 2015

All the writings of 3ºESO in the school year



You have to do a comment in Albert's blog.





Unit 9

Project of A Close Shave

domingo, 14 de junio de 2015

Some advice for your fellow students 2015

The school year is coming to an end and I would like you to read old students' advice and then give some advice to the students that will follow your steps. Try to be sincere and, using appropriate advice structures, tell them what they should do. Include the level you are referring to at the beginning of your comment.

Here's an example.

 For example:
I'm a student of 2º ESO and I would like to give you some advice if you are in 2º ESO next year with Albert:

  • I think you should....
  • You must....
  • You have to.....
  • Study everyday...
  • Don't  keep your things untidy....
  • If I were you, I would....
  • You'd better.... 
  • And remember TO ADVISE, SPELT WITH AN S, IS THE VERB (I'd advise you to do sth) and ADVICE, SPELT WITH A C, IS AN UNCOUNTABLE NOUN (My piece of advice for you is...  OR I will give you some advice about...)

sábado, 13 de junio de 2015

Baltimore: racism, violence, justice...

Baltimore: is this another case of racism, or police abuse???   Justice is claimed all around the country. Some articles to read and to write your comments about.


Hard times are ahead of us as our school year is coming to an end an we are in our final rush, but don't worry because most of you are ready to solve any hurdles you may come across, so...

GOOD LUCK!!!! and here's an encouraging song for you to listen to:

Send me your musical hints.

Facing exams... Buckaroos!!!

What stressful situations our students have to go through during these exam days!!!! 

Here are some articles to read and videos to watch about the topic:

B. B. King and Lucille.....-The Thrill Is Gone

Some articles to read and videos to watch about this great musician that has just passed away:

CNN: Blues legend B.B. King dies at age 89

The Wall Street Journal:  Documentary on the legend to watch
And before going on, here's his song: 'The Thrill Is Gone' 

 BBC News: watch and read 
Some of his songs:   Lucille, The best of BB King and some duets: