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viernes, 3 de julio de 2015

Dinosaurs on screen: fact or fantasy? & tattoos

The Guardian  >>>   Dinosaurs on screen: fact or fantasy  

Watch these videos about animatronic dinosaurs:  1   2   3  

Smithsonian   >>>   Tattoos and their history  (another interesting article to read)

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  1. I think the dinosaurs that we see in films are fantasy because the dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago. The designers of films make models from wood, plastic, paper, iron and other materials. First, they buy the materials, when they buy them, they make an iron structure where they will give the shape of the dinosaur. Then, with the fabric, plastic, cork,.....that they've bought they fill the voids of the structure. Finally, they give the shape of the dinosaur and paint it. Now, there is a new film called Jurassic Worldin the cinemas. I watched it and it was fantastic.
    I think tattoos are very interesting because they have a lot of history. Since ancient times, the Egyptians tattooed their bodies as a symbol of power. In my opinion, tattoos are harmful for your health because they change the composition of the skin. The ink used damages our bodies. I recognize that they are beautiful but they have many effects on skin. I have a cousin who has many tattoos on his body and he has had many problems for this reason.

    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez