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viernes, 31 de julio de 2015

A bloody matter

To begin with, what does 'bloody' mean? Can you tell me its different meanings?

Listening exercise to do: The wonder of blood (6 minute English)

Articles to read: The importance of blood in human health  

Top 10 tips for a healthy heart (The Guardian)

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  1. Well, to begin with, the word bloody, means literally: covered in blood or "sangriento" in Spanish, but it has many more meanings. For example, in UK it can express anger. In a conflict, it can be a synonym of violent. It can also be an intensifier particle in UK that means: very, as..... This word is derived from the word blood, it is formed from the word blood.

    In the article that Alberto proposes to read, the scientist said that "you are what you eat" and that "you are what you think". I think so, because depending on what we eat and think, our body has a way or another. He also says that the body is formed from blood. The blood is the most important human body fluid, it is composed of: red cells, white cells, platelets and sanguine plasma. If you want to live many years, keep your heart healthy!!

    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez