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viernes, 31 de julio de 2015

A bloody matter

To begin with, what does 'bloody' mean? Can you tell me its different meanings?

Listening exercise to do: The wonder of blood (6 minute English)

Articles to read: The importance of blood in human health  

Top 10 tips for a healthy heart (The Guardian)

Too skinny for the catwalk!!!!

During the summer time we tend to worry a bit too much about our happy bellies, especially men. Here are some articles about eating healthily, or just eating:
- Politicians eating 
- BBC:

Body image: Men 'most unhappy about beer bellies'

Article from the BBC to read:

French MPs back ban on

skinny catwalk models

Another article from the Daily Mail: Are size zero models too thin for the catwalk?

Listening exercise to do: Are models too skinny? (Can you find and give me synonyms for the word 'skinny'? , would you say this to your girlfriend/boyfriend? Is it a compliment or rather an insult?)
An expression to learn: The penny dropped

lunes, 13 de julio de 2015

Bizarre honeymoon & the Freedom Tower

Learn vocabulary about relationships in this funny article to read: An unusual honeymoon 

Here's an article about the Freedom Tower in New York. Do you remember anything about the Twin Peaks and what happened to them?


And now that we are probably going to the Republic of Ireland, have a look at this article about a most relevant matter for Irish people: Symbol of peace 


 Write comments about any of the three proposed issues and send me any related articles you may find.

lunes, 6 de julio de 2015

Baku (Azerbaijan): First European Games

Do you know anything about Baku? And what about Azerbaijan?

Read about the city of Baku and then watch this documentary:


 Here are 10 reasons to visit Azerbaijan. and then watch this video about the country.

Well, this is is going to be the venue for the FIRST EUROPEAN GAMES.