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domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2015

La Vuelta '15 in the Alpujarras (stage 7)

Have you watched stage 7 of the cycling tour of Spain (La Vuelta)? Incredible images, gorgeous landscape!!!!

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Lindeman's boldness rewarded as Froome falters

Chris Froome loses ground on seventh stage of Vuelta a España  (The Guardian) 

Video to watch: Summary of stage 7 Jódar > Las Alpujarras  

Even if they said the stage finished in Altos de Capileira, the finish line was actually in the municipality of Bubión.


Another video to watch

Also wonderful area for trekking (as you can see in this blog in the section: TREKKING IN LAS ALPUJARRAS - SIERRA NEVADA

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  1. No, I didn't see the stage 7 of the cycling Tour of Spain because I like other sports like football, basketball, karate and tennis more. However I could see a short summary of the 7th stage on the news of the first. I know that the winner of this seventh stage in the Alpujarras was Lindeman, he and Chris Froome were fighting to win this difficult stage, but finally the Dutch cyclist won.

    With regard to the Alpujarras I think it's a beautiful place to make the cycling Tour of Spain pass through this area because of its landscapes and nature. Las Alpujarras is full of valleys and ravines place and it is also full of mountains that descend to the Mediterranean Sea. In Las Alpujarras there are villages like Bubión, Trevélez Pampaneira, Bérchules, Fondón, Torvizcón, .... and many more that are very near Sierra Nevada . For this reason Las Alpujarras are known throughout Spain, by its nature and purity.

    I think this stage was very complicated because it had 191.1 kilometers in length, also they are very cold and often rains in them. Fortunately, this year it didn't rain during the stage . However, this is is not a big problem for cyclists as they  because they have been training all year for this cycle race in Spain.

    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez