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domingo, 14 de junio de 2015

Some advice for your fellow students 2015

The school year is coming to an end and I would like you to read old students' advice and then give some advice to the students that will follow your steps. Try to be sincere and, using appropriate advice structures, tell them what they should do. Include the level you are referring to at the beginning of your comment.

Here's an example.

 For example:
I'm a student of 2º ESO and I would like to give you some advice if you are in 2º ESO next year with Albert:

  • I think you should....
  • You must....
  • You have to.....
  • Study everyday...
  • Don't  keep your things untidy....
  • If I were you, I would....
  • You'd better.... 
  • And remember TO ADVISE, SPELT WITH AN S, IS THE VERB (I'd advise you to do sth) and ADVICE, SPELT WITH A C, IS AN UNCOUNTABLE NOUN (My piece of advice for you is...  OR I will give you some advice about...)

1 comentario:

  1. Hi, friend. I'm a student of 3º ESO and I would like to give you some advice if you are in 3º ESO next year with Albert:
    -You must give the folder to the teacher after doing an exam .
    - In this folder you must have maps, book exercises, writing exercises, workbook exercises and the corrections that you make of the exam.
    - You must do your homework because if you do them you'll be able to understand all the things of vocabulary.
    - I think you should read the three books during the summer because if you don't usually have much time during the school year and it is too difficult to find time to read the three books.
    - If I were you, I would make a blog in this summer because Albert demand it.
    - If you already have a blog, it's very good and easy, because you can scan your writings and upload them to the blog as new entries.
    - Study everyday and do the workbook exercises because they are very good to revise English.
    - If you don' t have much time you should make the video for Albert in summer or at Christmas.
    - You must ask your teacher the things that you don' t understand.
    - When you are back from your holidays, you have to study for the first exam of the school year.
    - You have to keep your folder tidy and clean. It is really important!
    - During the summer, if you have enough time, you can watch That's English programmes to expand your vocabulary and improve your listening skills.
    - You should do some comments in the summer or do the 25 comments,all of them, but it's more difficult.
    - I think 3ESO is easy if you're tidy and if you study everyday.
    - I think that you'll get 10 in English if you do all this. Good luck.

    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez. 3ºESO B