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jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

This is me by Alex (writing Unit 1)

          What can I say about my image?I think I'm particularly trendy. I usually wear  fashionable trainers, short jeans, fashionable T-shirts and jackets. In fact, I sometimes wear very trendy clothes on special occasions, like New Year, New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve, thanks to my mother because there are times that I don't know what to wear and she gives me some advice. I never wear sunglasses because they don't suit me, but I sometimes wear bracelets.
          There are three things I like. I really like getting up at the weekend and making my breakfast with a glass of milk, two pieces of toast and a banana. I also love waking up on Saturday and knowing that I still don't have to do homework, because I can do it tomorrow. It´s  a great feeling, although I don't mind doing them. In fact, I want to do a university degree in science. The third thing I love is football! If it's sunny, I go out with a big group of friends to play football in the sports center. Last year, we were in Motril and Salobreña to compete in a league. 

          There are  three things I hate. I don't like mean people who never lend anything to other people, because I think they look antisocial people. The second thing I hate is the people who protest about their marks and it's like this. The third  thing I hate is reality shows on television, although my parents and my brother, always watch them, and they hardly ever let me watch programmes that I like because if I watch a sports programme, they put the reality show that they like!


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