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domingo, 4 de octubre de 2015

Writing exercise(Introduction unit)

García and me              

To begin with, I'm going to describe me and my friend García. We have been friends since 2008, we went to the same Primary School and both of us go to the same Secondary School now.

Our personalities are different. My friend García is very active, shy, intelligent and funny. I'm a quiet, active, intelligent and honest person. García is always laughing because I'm always making him laugh. He's always talking, I'm not, because it can be annoying. García is tall, he has got black eyes and he is slim, and so am I slim, I've got brown hair and I'm a dark-skinned person. We are both strong because we both practise karate.

We've got similar interests. We both like music, football, cars, motorcycles and girls. García plays the tuba in his band and I play the saxophone at the Music School of Motril and the trumpet in my band.

Finally, I'm going to say things that we've got in commmon. We are both good at sports and studies, but neither of us is good at basketball and we both study the same subjects in the school.

Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez  4ESO.B 


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