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viernes, 14 de octubre de 2016

Your interests (Starter Unit)

                                                                                                            23, Hamilton Street
                                                                                                                  Oxford  N6W8F
                                                                                             Itrabo, 25th September, 2016

Hi, John
How are you? I hope you're well. What interests did you have this summer? Now, I'm going to tell you about my interests.

One of my main interests has been the music. I like both playing an instrument such as the trumpet or the saxo and listening to music. I'm in the school music and, moreover, I play in a band. On Fridays, I really enjoyed playing the trumpet in my band because it was very relaxing. I also liked listening to music in my car with my dad when we were going to Almuñécar. We turned up the volume to maximum and it was really funny. I think music was the best.

My other interests have been football and karate. Doing sport is completely different from music, but it's good fun too. Every year, I take karate classes in July. This year, I've been one month of the summer in karate. However, I've played football many times with my friends. I've spent a really good time.

I've had lot of different interests, so I haven't been bored. However, my favourite hobby has been music. How about you? What interests have you had this summer? Are you ready to come back to school?

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