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viernes, 28 de octubre de 2016

My friend Francisco (Composition Unit 1)

          I'm going to write about my friend Francisco. We've known each other since 2006 when we went to the primary school in Itrabo, so we're close friends. I'm going to describe him because he's my best and I can always count on him.

          Regarding his appearance, my friend Francisco has been going to the same class as me since he was six. Now, he's sixteen years old, and he's fairly tall.Actually, he has been growing taller and taller all  these years. He's slim, and he's got long dark hair and brown eyes. Everyone says he is very thim, although I think he's fine.

          Francisco is quite funny and friendly, he is always making me laugh. Moreover, he is very active and hard-working. In fact, he is always doing something and he really likes playing football. I think Francisco prefers playing football to studying because many times he is playing football when he should be studying. However, he plays football brilliantly. Two years ago, he scoored the most goals for our team.

          Although Francisco and I are very different we get on really well. We hardly ever have arguments. All in all, I think Francisco is the best friend in the world. Everyone should have a friend like him.

Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez 1ºA Bachillerato

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