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viernes, 28 de octubre de 2016

Alone or with company???

There are certain moments in life when one really enjoys solitude (especially, teachers, who are always in crowded and noisy places), but there are also great moments we love sharing with people (like our study trips to the British-Irish Isles).

Here's an incredible video about the Scottish mountain-biker Danny Macaskill in the Isle of Skye. Enjoy the gorgeous Scottish landscapes that this year I would like to share with my students:

And here's another one: Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out  (Enjoy Scottish landscape!!)

Two listening exercises to do: "Is loneliness in our genes?" (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English). However, to begin with, you have to know yourself: "Who do you think you are?" (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

Article to read:

All by myself: is loneliness bad for you? (The Guardian)

And here's another one:

What's the difference between being lonely and a loner? (BBC News)


Episode 161012 / 12 October 2016   >>>  Expressions presented: destabalise, appetite, limiting the damage & nudge.

English with Lucy >>>>

New Series >>>> English at university: Just landed (episode 2)

A final question before ending: How do you know you're real? Interesting video about it to think about it:


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  1. Well, now I'm going to write about loneliness, of the company and of my point of view about this common issue but so interesting.

    Is it better being alone or with company? From my point of view, it depends on the situation in which you are. For example, if you are a teacher who is in crowded and noisy places, you'll probably want solitude. However, if you are an air traffic controller who is working almost all day, you'll probably want to be with your family or friends later. There are many times that we worry a lot about this issue because we feel alone. I think it isn't a problem because loneliness isn't bad, because your life can change in any moment. Maybe you are alone today but perhaps in a month's time you'll start going out with a girl and you are together all your lives.

    Nowadays, there is an expression that people say: loneliness is better than bad company. I absolutely agree because you can be with people but if you aren't happy with them, it will be better to stay alone. However, I think if you are alone all your life, you will not enjoy your life because it's always funnier to do things with company than alone.

    Finally, an interesting question that Descartes tried to answer is: How do you know you're real? Many times we are dreaming and we think we are real in our dreams, but our body is unreal in our dreams so, how do we know right now if we are real? Descartes answered by this way: I think, therefore I am. I think he is right.

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