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viernes, 29 de enero de 2016

Separate lives (Writing Unit 4)

 Mark Anthony:
Mark Anthony was born in 1968 in New York, USA. Both his mother and his father were singers, although they weren't as famous as he is now. Mark loved singing from an early age. His big  success was when he recorded his first three albums between 1993 and 1997: Another Note, Everything in Time and Upstream.

In May 2000, Mark got married with Dayanara Torres. They had two children: Ryan Muñiz and Cristian Muñiz, but they got divorced three years later.

Jennifer López: 
Jennifer López was born in 1969 in New York, USA. Her father was a security guard at night and her mother was a teacher in a kindergarten. Jennifer started singing, dancing and acting  when she was five. She got her first small TV role in 1986, in the film "My Little Girl". She's been very successful since her first album called On the 6.

In 2001, Jennifer got married with Cris Judd when he was hired to direct her "Love Don`t Cost a Thing", but they split up one year later in June 2002.

 Mark and Jennifer have known each other since 2004, when they met and fell in love. They fell in love when they were producing the song "Sway". They got married in  June 2004, but the marriage ended in 2012. Both Mark and Jennifer have said that they are still good friends.

Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez 4.ESO.B

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