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viernes, 29 de enero de 2016

Sense connections by Alex. Writing (Unit 3)

          Do some smells remind you of your childhood? What associations de they have? The smell of gasoline reminds me of mini bikes that my father  bought me when I was about six years old. I used  to love them, although I still love them now. I've always liked  the smell of my mother's apple cake because it reminds me to make an apple cake like her. If I close my eyes and smell the cake, I can imagine eating it! I love the smell of daisies because there were too many around the country house, which my parents, my brother  and I were building. I also love the smell of fireworks because they make me think of  New Year's Eve or Christmas Eve.

          What about sounds? Do some sounds or songs  have a strong associations for you- positive or negative?
Yes certain songs bring back memories. For example, there's a Shakira song called Waka Waka. It was on the radio all the time, everyday this song was on the radio in the summer of  2010. That was a really good summer for me, because our national team won the World Cup in South África and it was very difficult for them to win. So, when I hear the song Waka Waka, I feel happy. Among other things, I made a lot of new friends and had a great time too. Also, any song by Freddie Mercury makes my think of my father, because he's a big fan of his music and he wants me to listen to all his CDs!

Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez 4.ESO.B

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