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viernes, 5 de agosto de 2016

Summer time is a time to let people off the hook

What does the expression 'off the hook' mean? Have a look at this interesting The English We Speak programme.

So what do people do instead? They relax and ....

Pokémon Go: five tricks for pro players that are almost as good as cheats (The Guardian)

Pokemon and the power of nostalgia (BBC News)


This latest madness may be ok for some time, but it becomes a problem if it turns into an obssession and you spend (or waste) too much of your time instead of reading, playing with your friends or going out. Here is an article about it:

The top five most crazy stories about Pokemon Go ... so far (The Irish Times)

Listening exercise to do: Dealing with boredom (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

Children should be allowed to get bored, expert says (BBC News)


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  1. For a start, I think summer is a good time to hook on something such as a game, a new activity, sport,....because it's maybe when you have more free time. However, you have to do a responsible use of the activity that you are doing. It can cause many problems unless you make a responsible use.

    Nowadays, there is a new game called Pokémon Go, it's probably the best game ever designed. In it, you have to catch pokemons which can be in the street, in a forest, in the water, in a garden.......who knows? It's a really good game because it's virtual and it's a strategy game, although, you must be careful when you are playing it because there have been many accidents due to this game. For example, there are many people that have died while they were playing it. Last week, I saw in the news that a girl died when she fell off a bridge into a river.

    Today, I have Pokémon Go on my smartphone, but I don't play much because I don't really like catching pokemons, although I used to watch Pokémon on TV everyday. Moreover, I prefer playing with my brother or with my friend more than with a game.

    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez