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viernes, 15 de mayo de 2015

Could we do exams at home?

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  1. I think doing exams at home is much better than doing exams at school because at home it's more comfortable and you are more relaxed, you have more time to do the exam, you are not under so much pressure, but the problem is that you can look up the answers in a book . I reckon that make exams at home is good for many students but it is bad too, because if you search the answer in the book you don`t learn anything. For the teachers the best option is to do the exams at school because they can see if you copy the answers or not . The bad thing of this is that they must check the errors writing in the exams and in the other option they don't have to check the errors because the computer checks them for them. Most people don't copy in exams but there are people who cheat in exams with new technologies like mobile phones, websites where they can copy the answers and many more ways, so the teachers must be very attentive. Doing exams at home is good but it has its problems too!!!:)

    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez 3ESOB